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Since I was a child, art and traveling have been taking up an important part of my life. Having spent a lot of time in an artistic environment, I entered one of Paris Schools in major Interior Design. After graduation I worked in various well-known agencies in order to improve my experience. A few years later I decided to establish my own company. I am surrounded by a talented team of professionals whom I trust, which allows me personally to participate in each project with enthusiasm, passion and total dedication.

“To listen, understand and observe in order to eventually come to the right decision. I see the living room as the personal space of intimacy, sharing and wellbeing.”


I n t e r i o r    D e s i g n

To rebuild, equip or repair - every space requires participation and work according to your needs, wishes and budget. Unrestricted movement, study of the direction of the light sources (natural and artificial), functionality of the room - all this should create a sense of comfort and harmony. Excellent perspective, volume, house territory are timeless and will always be relevant.

I will be with you throughout 


D e c o r a t i o n

Successful interior is a unique place where you simply feel good. This is a place for self-expression and refuge, reflecting the personality of the person who lives here. For me, the concept of the “House” does not mean the exhibition hall. It is a warm and comfortable living space that is in a constant motion.

In terms of decor, I like the feeling of the smallest details, contrast and simplicity - the union, a mixture of styles to create unusual and harmonious interior.

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