V e r o n i k a   I s k e r

Interior  Designer

Various stages of cooperation:

(Stages are self-contained and do not depend on each other, so they can be followed in any order).






The first stage: Introduction


The first meeting allows you to get to know each other and discuss a future project. This is a unique opportunity for me to answer the questions you are asking yourself concerning the wishes when renovating the space, the project budget and your needs. Knowledge of these parameters is necessary in order to be able to offer the most suitable solution.



The second stage: preliminary analysis - generalized preliminary project


After gathering the necessary information, I'm starting to work on the project. I prefer to suggest a few options so that we could together discuss each of them and choose the right direction.

The aim of the preliminary project is to offer you a total concept of your apartment or house. This project is being developed on the basis of:


- an existing project

- a number of different variants of space arrangement

- 3D graphics

- proposals for materials and colors



The third stage: specification of the overall concept: final preliminary project


After selecting a general concept, working on the main directions of the small details allows to gradually specify your project to eventually get the full working documentation for the project. Thus, the goal of the specifying stage is to provide details of the technical elements for the proper understanding and implementation of the works. This stage includes:


- final drawing of the interior

- power distribution plan

- stonework and construction works 

- plan of locksmith works

- final 3D graphics

- drawings in different projections, planning to order

- final list of materials, colors, etc.

- final list of blocking fittings, equipment for bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

- final estimates of works



The fourth stage: control and coordination of works


After creating full working documentation for your project and approval of the date of commencement of work, you can proceed to the practical implementation of the project. I will monitor and coordinate all the works, namely:


- coordination of interaction between various performers

- organization of workshops

- arrival at the place of works at least once a week

- quality control of the works

- monitoring compliance with performance time

- informing on the progress of works

- assistance in accepting your new place